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St Patricks Day Clothing Ideas

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St. Patrick’s Day has many great traditions. It’s a day filled with fun, friends, food, drinking, and of course, lots of good times. A lot of green, too. Here are some tips to make St. Patrick’s Day festivities or get-togethers more festive. See etsy to get more info.

It’s natural to want to go all green. There are many options for t-shirts. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to the color green. Consider other shades of green. You might also consider adding some silver. A fun way to be ready for St. Patrick’s Day is to pair multiple shades together with green shoes, accessories, such as jewelry, and hats.

To make your girl a leprechaun, get green tights and a shirt and skirt that match. Green top hats can be decorated with shamrocks. You can also find headbands with shamrocks placed on springs. Also, guys can dress up as leprechauns by adding gold coins, chains, and vests to their green pants. A pocket watch, or even a pot full of gold.

You have the option of adding gold and silver glitter to shirts or clothing. Make your design with a plain, green t-shirt or tank top or dress. It’s possible to paint on shamrocks with pots full of gold or just the words Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Rainbows are possible with pots filled with gold. Get creative and give your green outfit a personal touch.