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Part 2: Natural Plant Medicines for the Amazon Rainforest and the Shamans

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Howard G Charing, Peter Cloudsley and Javier Arevalo of Amazonian Shamans join Artidoro and Artidoro for discussions on the medicinal and spirit healing properties of plants. You can see http://yourhighesttruth.com/mother-ayahuasca-ritual-why-she-calls-you/ for more information.

Rosa Sisa

These are a Marigold-like substance and are often used in baths to treat children with mal aire. This malady happens when a family member passes away, leaving the child unhappy and restless. The spirit or the ghost of the deceased grandfather – or whatever it was – stays with the child and makes him sick. The spirit is sad that the person has died and it remains in the house, trying to comfort family members and provide support. This causes them to feel sick. Rosa Sisa has the ability to control vomiting, and can be used for good luck in floral baths.

Envious neighbors will usually grab a handful or more of the earth from the cemetery and throw it into their house to spread boredom, heavy feelings, and envy.
Once again, if something is not right in the house – people seem bored or agitated- then you will need to get a bucket and add crushed Rosa Sisa Flowers and Camalonga. Finally, wash the floors of house with a toothbrush.

The flowers could be placed in a vase and used for the same purpose. Many people place them near their front doors in order to absorb the negative energy of those who are jealous of what they have. The flowers become black after a while, but eventually they will recover.
Marigolds may also be used for making wishful thinking, like when we blow with a dandelion. Because it is yellow, it is the colour of sunlight,

Camalonga is a tree that can grow wild in the forest. Many people also have Camalonga planted in their flower pots. It smells similar to onions and garlic. You can macerate it in alcohol and rub it onto the person. Prayers or chants can be used for soul retrieval in cases where it is necessary.

Manchare is when a child falls from the trees. The bump they receive is usually much greater than the one they were expecting. In this instance, the Rosa Sisa has been tied into a bunch by a white string and brushed over the entire body. This is because the crown on the head acts as a symbol of the spirit returning. A simple prayer using the name of the child is enough to invoke the spirit back.
It can be used in the treatment of fevers and emplasts.


It comes in two forms: a tall, narrow tree with large leaves and a sturdy trunk; or a taller tree with many small leaves. It is the same as tornillo and is good timber. The branch can also be bent double-without breaking. This is useful for yoga and flexibility in general.

It is helpful for chronic diarrhoeasis, hepatitis (chronic diarrhea), arthritis, broken bones and cold. It is an excellent teacher plant.
Take a shower after drinking, it will make you sweat out all of the toxins.


This plant is not widely known or used. Like chuchahuasi it can be used to treat vaginal discharges, cancer, cold and post-op care. It can also be prepared in alcohol or water. Painkiller.
A combination of Ushcaquiro Huairacaspi Chiricsanango and Ushcaquiro makes an excellent treatment for osteoarthritis.