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Why Your Church Needs a Church App?

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Comscore reports that 57% of people use mobile apps for digital media. Many churches have mobile-friendly websites www.churchhelper.com/. However, your church may not have an app to help them gain attention and interaction from their members.

1. You can access sermons through church apps.

A good mobile app is a great way to allow your members to look deeper, repeat a message or watch a service from their phone while on the move. A simple menu can make individual messages and series available.

2. A Church App can be used as a donation portal

Recent studies have shown that online giving is increasing to churches. In fact, 15% of all online giving to churches comes from online. It is crucial that the church of today makes digital giving easy and enjoyable as people are more dependent on it.

Your church app makes it easy for your members to make donations with just a few clicks. An app that integrates with your Church Management Software can streamline your operations.

3. An app for the Church notifies members of upcoming events

Today’s churches offer more than Sunday morning and Wednesday night services. Active communities include Women’s Bible Study and Men’s Prayer, Youth Group and Jr. High, Singles ministry and outreaches. An app can help you communicate with your congregation about upcoming events each week.

4. A church app can be made from scratch

Good news is that not every church app has to look exactly the same. Many churches use pre-made templates. However, a great church app will let you customize the look and feel of your app to match your church’s vision. Your app can be distinguished by colors, images, icons and other elements.