Phil Spector’s Biggest Billboard Strikes: ‘To Know Him Is to Love Him,’ ‘Be My Baby,’ ‘Unchained Tune’ & Extra

Spector included two more Hot 100 No. 1sts as a producer in the ’60s:” He’s a Rebel “by the Crystals and “You’ve Shed That Lovin’Feelin ‘” by the Righteous Brothers. He likewise scratched 2 in the ’70s: the last of The Beatles’ record 20 leaders,” The Long as well as Winding Roadway”/” For You Blue, “as well as the first solo No. 1 by a participant of the group after its breakup that year, George Harrison’s”My Wonderful Lord”/”

Isn’t It a Pity.”Below, Billboard has compiled a ranking of Spector’s 40 most significant Warm 100 hits as a producer. Amongst those 40 tracks are 6 each by The Crystals, led by “He’s a Rebel,” and also The Ronettes, paced by “Be My Infant.” The Righteous Brothers follow with five entrances, with “Lovin’ Feelin'” participated the top 10 by “Unchained Tune.”

In addition to The Beatles’ “Roadway,” the team’s John Lennon reveals with 4 titles below, and also Harrison has three.Spector’s influence is such that his name has actually added to Hot 100 hits from the graph’s very first year, 1958, with 2021. Complying with the study’s Aug. 4, 1958, beginning,”To Know Him “debuted on the chart dated Sept. 22 that year. Most recently, two vacation chestnuts that he generated hit new highs previously this month: The Ronettes ‘”Sleigh Flight “and also Darlene Love’s “Christmas( Child Please Return).” The seasonal standards, initially released in the ’60s, reached bests of Nos. 13 as well as 19 on the Hot 100 dated Jan. 2 as well as rank at Nos. 28 as well as 36 on the retrospective below.Phil Spector’s Largest Billboard Strikes Ranking, Title, Artist, Top Setting, Peak Day 1, TO KNOW HIM, IS

TO LOVE HIM, The Teddy Bears, No. 1(three weeks), 12/1/1958 2, MY DESSERT LORD/ISN ‘T IT A PITY, George Harrison
, No. 1(four weeks), 12/26/1970 3, YOU’VE LOST THAT LOVIN ‘FEELIN’, The Righteous Brothers, No. 1(2 weeks), 2/6/1965 4, HE’S A REBEL
, The Crystals, No. 1(two weeks), 11/3/1962 5, INSTANTANEOUS KARMA(WE ALL BEAM ON)
, John Ono Lennon, No. 3, 3/28/1970
6, BE MY INFANT, The Ronettes, No. 2, 10/12/1963 7, THE LONG AND ALSO WINDING ROAD/FOR YOU BLUE, The Beatles, No. 1(two weeks), 6/13/1970 8, UNCHAINED TUNE, The Righteous Brothers, No. 4, 8/28/1965 9, PICTURE, John Lennon Plastic Ono Band, No. 3, 11/13/1971
10, DA DOO RON (WHEN HE STROLLED ME HOUSE), The Crystals, No. 3, 6/8/1963

11, CORINNA, CORINNA, Ray Peterson, No. 9, 1/9/1961
12, AFTER THAT HE KISSED ME, The Crystals, No. 6, 9/14/1963
13, I ENJOY HOW YOU LIKE ME, The Paris Sisters, No. 5, 10/30/1961
14, EBB TREND, The Righteous Brothers, No. 5, 1/8/1966
15, QUITE LITTLE ANGEL EYES, Curtis Lee, No. 7, 8/7/1961

16, ZIP-A-DEE DOO-DAH, Bob B. Soxx and also the Blue Pants, No. 8, 1/12/1963
17, JUST AS SOON AS IN MY LIFE, The Righteous Brothers, No. 9, 5/15/1965
18, USED LOVE, Connie Francis, No. 7, 6/9/1962
19, BLACK PEARL, Sonny Charles and also the Checkmates, Ltd., No. 13, 7/5/1969
20, WHAT IS LIFE, George Harrison, No. 10, 3/27/1971

21, UPTOWN, The Crystals, No. 13, 5/26/1962
22, HE’S SURE THE CHILD I LIKE, The Crystals, No. 11, 2/16/1963
23, POWER TO INDIVIDUAL, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, No. 11, 5/1/1971
24, THERE’S Nothing Else (LIKE MY INFANT), The Crystals, No. 20, 1/6/1962
25, STROLLING IN THE RAINFALL, The Ronettes, No. 23, 12/5/1964

26, BABY, I ENJOY YOU, The Ronettes, No. 24, 2/1/1964
27, DELAY TIL’ MY BOBBY OBTAINS HOME, Darlene Love, No. 26, 9/7/1963
28, SLEIGH RIDE, The Ronettes, No. 13, 1/2/2021
29, BANGLA-DESH/DEEP BLUE, George Harrison, No. 23, 9/11/1971
30, WHY DO LOVERS BREAK EACH OTHER’S HEART?, Bob B. Soxx and heaven Pants, No. 38, 3/30/1963

31, HE KNOWS I ENJOY HIM Way Too Much, The Paris Sis, No. 34, 3/10/1962
32, DO I LOVE YOU?, The Ronettes, No. 34, 8/1/1964
33, (TODAY I MET) THE CHILD I’M GON NA MARRY, Darlene Love, No. 39, 5/11/1963
34, (THE BEST PART OF) BREAKIN’ UP, The Ronettes, No. 39, 5/16/1964
35, PUDDIN N’ TAIN, The Street Cats, No. 43, 2/16/1963

36, XMAS (INFANT PLEASE GET HOME), Darlene Love, No. 19, 1/2/2021
37, EVERY BREATH I TAKE, Gene Pitney, No. 42, 9/11/1961
38, MOMMY, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, No. 43, 1/30/1971
39, UNDER THE MOON OF LOVE, Curtis Lee, No. 46, 11/27/1961
40, HUNG ON YOU, The Righteous Brothers, No. 47, 8/21/1965

Phil Spector’s Most significant Signboard Hits as a producer wrap-up is based upon real performance on the weekly Signboard Hot 100 chart. Songs are rated based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 making the greatest worth. As a result of adjustments in chart technique over the years, ages are weighted to account for different graph turn over rates over various durations. Research, partly, by means of Fred Bronson’s Signboard’s Hottest Hot 100 Strikes book.